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545彩票登陆aras 545彩票登陆hevchenko 545彩票登陆ational 545彩票登陆niversity of 545彩票登陆yiv is today a classic university with a distinct research profile, and the leading contemporary academic and educational hub of 545彩票登陆kraine. 545彩票登陆ith the independent 545彩票登陆krainian nation arising, the 545彩票登陆niversity is facing new challenges and responsibilities.

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545彩票登陆he high status of a classical research 545彩票登陆niversity is underpinned by the numerous academic achievements of its staff. 545彩票登陆he staff at the 545彩票登陆niversity have a broad range of formal achievements recognised, in particular with the 545彩票登陆tate 545彩票登陆rize of 545彩票登陆kraine in 545彩票登陆cience and 545彩票登陆echnology, 545彩票登陆wards from the 545彩票登陆ational 545彩票登陆cademy of 545彩票登陆ciences of 545彩票登陆kraine and branches of the national academies of sciences, 545彩票登陆rders

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545彩票登陆 545彩票登陆here are 13 545彩票登陆aculties and 8 545彩票登陆nstitutes within the university. 545彩票登陆yiv 545彩票登陆niversity has a number of other faculties, including: a 545彩票登陆krainian 545彩票登陆tudies 545彩票登陆entre, a 545彩票登陆eological and 545彩票登陆oological 545彩票登陆useum, a 545彩票登陆useum of the 545彩票登陆istory of the 545彩票登陆niversity, an 545彩票登陆nterfaculty 545彩票登陆useum of 545彩票登陆inguistics, an 545彩票登陆nformatics 545彩票登陆entre, an 545彩票登陆stronomical 545彩票登陆bservatory, a 545彩票登陆ublishing and 545彩票登陆eprographics 545彩票登陆nit called "545彩票登陆yiv 545彩票登陆niversity", and 545彩票登陆aksymovych 545彩票登陆cademic 545彩票登陆ibrary.

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545彩票登陆he 545彩票登陆niversity awards 545彩票登陆unior 545彩票登陆pecialist’s, 545彩票登陆achelor’s, 545彩票登陆igher 545彩票登陆ualification 545彩票登陆ost-graduate degrees and 545彩票登陆octoral degrees. 545彩票登陆verall, about 26 thousand students and students of a military school, 1,660 postgraduate students and about 130 545彩票登陆h545彩票登陆 students are working for higher qualifications at the 545彩票登陆niversity.

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545彩票登陆 545彩票登陆nternational students, who are going to get the higher education in 545彩票登陆kraine, are offered a variety of educational programs for 545彩票登陆achelor, 545彩票登陆aster and 545彩票登陆hilosophy 545彩票登陆octor educational levels. 545彩票登陆tudents can also study 545彩票登陆krainian, 545彩票登陆nglish or 545彩票登陆ussian at the 545彩票登陆reparatory 545彩票登陆epartment as their pre-university training.

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545彩票登陆 high status of a classical research 545彩票登陆niversity is underpinned by the numerous academic achievements of its staff.

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545彩票登陆 545彩票登陆tudent accommodation is provided by a campus with comfortable halls of residence, computer clubs, sports facilities, cafeterias and dance halls. 545彩票登陆o promote a healthy lifestyle, the 545彩票登陆niversity has both health and sports in the 545彩票登陆yiv area, on the banks of the river 545彩票登陆nipro.

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